Brenda Lee Asp - Various Phone Cases

Brenda Lee Asp - Various Phone Cases

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Phone cases designed by Brenda Lee Asp. These custom printed cases have the beaded flower on the back and are durable protection for your phone.

Beaded Flower: The artwork is a print of a piece she hand-beaded. This beading was part of a project called "Carrying Traditions Forward" that featured 16 master beaders. Each beaded a square which was then sewn altogether to form a blanket; which is now owned and housed at the Museum of History in Ottawa, Canada. The square she beaded is a certain style of Indigenous Cultural art form that is passed down through generations. She learned to bead from her maternal Grandmothers and Aunts. She is grateful for their teachings and wisdom.



  • iPhone 5S Case
  • iPhone 6S Case
  • Samsung 5S Case

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