Brenda Lee Asp - Youth Ties

Brenda Lee Asp - Youth Ties

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Brenda Lee Asp's Youth Ties features a classic silhouette ensuring you'll be ready for anything or everything like a special occasion. Brenda's take on The Tie is special and culturally invigorating, making it a lovely gift to give to any adolescents in your life.


  • These custom printed ties come in 2 different designs. Blue Paisley and Beaded Flower.
  • Materials: 100% Silk
  • Care: Dry Clean Only
  • Size: The other two patterns are 47.5 inches in length and 2.5 inches width.

Blue Paisley: This piece is a combination of two cultures; Athabaskan and Tlingit. It's a collaboration piece she did with another artist, Warren A Smith; a Vuntut Gwich'in living in Old Crow. He did the penwork for the art and Brenda developed a print with colours and layouts. Brenda Lee Asp is a Northern Tutchone and Tahltan First Nation.

Beaded Flower: The artwork is a print of a piece she hand-beaded. This beading was part of a project called "Carrying Traditions Forward" that featured 16 master beaders. Each beaded a square which was then sewn altogether to form a blanket; which is now owned and housed at the Museum of History in Ottawa, Canada. The square she beaded is a certain style of Indigenous Cultural art form that is passed down through generations. She learned to bead from her maternal Grandmothers and Aunts. She is grateful for their teachings and wisdom.

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