Brittney Brown - Handmade Pop Socket Various Swarovski Crystals

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A pop socket is an accessory that sticks to the back of some sort of electronic device, most commonly a cell phone or tablet. When the pop socket is collapsed, it sticks flat to the phone. However, its accordion-like design enables it to expand for use. We have five handcrafted, one of a kind Swarovski Crystal phone pop sockets which are made by Brittney Brown. These pop sockets are so charismatic and will truly give you something to help showcase your phone.


  • Locally Made in Yukon
  • Pink Square: 0.010 kg. 4.5 cm across.
  • Black Mickey Mouse: 0.015 kg. 5.5 cm in diameter
  • White & Yellow Heart: 0.014 kg. 4.5 cm in diameter
  • Rainbow Heart: 0.013 kg. 5 cm in diameter
  • Blue Heart: 0.014 kg. 5 cm in diameter

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