Cole Pauls - Dakwäkãda Warriors Comic Issue III

Cole Pauls - Dakwäkãda Warriors Comic Issue III

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Dakwäkãda Warriors is a three-part Southern Tutchone language revival comic book. To create this comic, artist Cole Pauls collaborated with two language preservers from his home community in Haines Junction, Yukon.

After discovering Space Kwädày Dän’s (Long Ago People) plans to assimilate more Nàį (Bushman) for Mbà (War), Ts’ürk’i (Raven) and Aghay (Wolf) ask the Dakhká Khwáan Warriors (Inland Tlingit) and the Łu’än Män Warriors (Kluane Lake) for their help. Can all tayke (three) Warrior groups defeat what Space Kwädày Dän has in store? Will Cyber Nàį (Bushman) help our Warriors as he said? Find out in the final issue of the Dakwäkãda Warriors!

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