Crossroads by Eleanor Millard

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Crossroads is an alcohol addiction treatment centre in the Yukon Territory in 1983. It is housed in a shaky old renovated building that is a puzzling complex of rooms and services filled with characters who misunderstand and are misunderstood.

The centre is managed by a Board of Directors which relies on government funding and on Aaron, a recovering alcoholic manager whose sobriety is doubtful. Crossroad's oldest counselor is Fred, a man who has eighteen years of sobriety and who is counting the days until his retirement. He is bewildered by the developing First Nations political strength, epitomized by the outreach worker who is First Nation. Everyone is under the fierce command of the secretary, Penelope, who is the real boss. Entering the scene are George and Patsy, two First Nation clients who need help to stay sober.

Cross-cultural complications and the conflict between traditional Alcoholics Anonymous and more creative approaches to addictions treatment make for a sometimes humorous, sometimes tragic story of human foibles.

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